House System

School has adopted a house system in order to provide a good platform and to realize the highest ideals of education and nurture the sterling qualities of a well-rounded personality. The school has been divided into four different houses.

Superior Students expected to be well-disciplined, to foster to work in a spirit of cooperation and healthy competition with the coordination of ‘HEAD, HEART & Hand’. With this thought, the four houses allotted to the students have been named as

PRITHIVI(GREEN)               AGNI (RED)
JAL(BLUE)                            VAYU (YELLOW)


The School follows the House System for academic, cultural and outdoor activities. Inter School Competitions are organized to provide all-round training in studies, sports, co-curricular activities and character building.

The Student Council is led by the Head Girl/Boy assisted by the Deputy Head Girl/Boy, Vice-Captains and House Captains. The council members help the teachers in conducting a wide variety of activities and events for the welfare of the school.

Each house is awarded points on the basis of its performance in academics, sports, literary and cultural activities. Prizes in various categories are awarded on the basis of these cumulative points. Inter House Co-ordinators supervise these activities. Students who show signs of great leadership and philanthropy are selected by the Principal and the members of the staff.