Our Core Values & Beliefs

Equal Opportunity :

11b school believes in providing every child an equal opportunity to learn while feeling supported, encouraged, and guided in a happy and safe environment.

Building Confidence :

The School believes in fostering confidence in students 6r applying knowledge and utilizing individual skills to deal with challenges to their own work and of others.

Encouraging Sense of Responsibility :

The School in inculcating values of responsibility, honesty, respect & adaptability in the students for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others.

Enhancing Innovative Ideas :

The school that every child has a dormant potential and so the real need is to awake those qualities by providing fresh innovative ideas at all times.

Engaged and Compassionate :

The school believes in giving its students the opportunities to prepare themself for real situations that make them engaged intellectually to foster a good relationship between school. home community.

To create responsible, independent individuals who have the knowledge, attitude and courage to be successful in an ever changing world.