The Middle Years Curriculum is a challenging programme for adolescent learners in The Superior World School education programme.
This programme places specific emphasis on the holistic development of students and their individual abilities and levels of understanding. Their learning is further broadened with values and sound judgments challenging their emotional, physical, psychological and social well-being. The Curriculum comprises eight subject groups:

  • Language and literature
  • Mathematics & Basic Concepts
  • Sciences & lab Experiments
  • Social Sciences & Diaster Management
  • Language acquisition
  • Arts & Craft Design
  • Physical and health Education
  • Foundation of Information Technology

The TSWS Curriculum bridges 8 subjects with an emphasis on communication skills personalizing their sense of responsibility to the community around them. The programme model concentrates on student-led learning in every possible classroom setup. The Superior World School focuses the students’ efforts in communication, study skills; strong writing skills, research and a great deal of practical thinking skills, leading to good levels of analytical skill. Students constantly reinforce the programme support base, which are concepts, global contexts, and attitudes to learning , preparing them for the rigours of post-secondary education.